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September 2023 Prophetic Word: Pending (Encounters)

PRAYER: Prepare our hearts for an encounter with the Holy Spirit. We set our hearts. We prepare our hearts for whatever You want to say and do. We give you, Holy Spirit, the power to lead us. We thank You that You're shifting us into a new realm. We thank You for the angelic, supernatural atmosphere. We yield to Your presence tonight. Amen.


REPEAT: Holy Spirit is my Leader (He is in charge of us).


SPIRITUAL MUSIC: Encounter with the Holy Spirit (Josue Novais Piano Worship)





● My business/marriage/organizations/mind WILL excel.



● A seed opens up gateways and portals.

● As you carry the arc, you SHIFT things. You have to be in communities that help you do the same and carry the same expectations of the greater work.

● What you write down from the Lord (in your journal), is already recorded in Heavenly places and not just on the paper.

● Miracles take place when you yield to Him.

● From September to September, this will be the year of the portals.

● When you feel angelic activity, it means God is getting ready to hand something to you.

● He's looking to instruct and heal you. This is when you yield to Him.


QUESTION: How do you feel when Jesus shows up around you and in your space? How do you feel the tangible sense of God? (does your body/mind feel different)



1. Pending: awaiting decision or settlement; until (something) happens or takes place.

2. Sustain: strengthen or support physically or mentally.



● It's RIGHT there and about to be released.

● God is releasing things that have been pending (jobs, money, communication and relationships) because He has opened a portal.



A "portal" is a fancy term for a doorway or passageway. In the Bible, think of it as a glowing tunnel that connects our world to the heavens. Through this tunnel, angels and other heavenly beings can move freely, without any disturbances from evil spirits. The idea is that these portals start way up in the highest part of heaven, pass through a middle layer (and we begin to experience God), and then reach down to Earth.


A- In Psalm 78:23-24 (NIV), we find a great example:


"23 God spoke to the skies and made a way in the heavens. 24Through this, He sent down a special food called manna for people to eat, which was like a gift straight from heaven."


Here, when the Israelites were in need of food, God sent down this heavenly food called manna. It came down so purely and directly, it was as if a special tunnel or portal from heaven was used. People often say this food was so special that it could be called "angel's food". And for 40 years, those who ate this food stayed strong and healthy. It's like God made sure this food took a direct, untainted route from heaven to them.


● It's better to have the resources of God than man.

● God is releasing this message to sustain you.

● The Lord will cause the glory realm to connect to the earth realm where you're able to sustain and walk in it.

● Be aligned with your assignment (alignment in Your heart) so God can release what He wants you to do.

● There are some course corrections happening in the spirit.

● When you're operating outside of your grace, you will experience a course correction.

● When you toil, you're not operating in His oil. He's rerouting you BACK to your grace.

● God is releasing His presence so He can release what's already inside of you.


● God is about to visit you face to face.

● Nothing can replace God's presence. God's presence is His thumb print upon us.

● God has given you measure and in that measure is His TREASURE.

● You're about to receive the treasure that is ALREADYinside of you.

● Do not step outside of your boundary.


B- There's also the story of Jacob in Genesis 28:10-18.


On his way to a place called Harran, Jacob decided to sleep using a stone as a pillow. It wasn't comfortable, but he had a reason. That night, he had a dream that was deeply meaningful. The lesson here is that sometimes, hard or uncomfortable moments in our lives can lead to deep connections with God. If we overlook these moments or don't see their value, we might miss out on something truly special.


● There was a portal opened (in the scripture).

● Are you aware that God is where you are (when He's right there)?

● Open your capacity to feel in the realm.

● Your portal will push you PAST what you're facing in His presence.

● God can open portals in your place of discomfort.


PRAYER: Lord, open my eyes of understanding. That which I don't understand or comprehend, that You expand and expound on me. Open my capacity to see, hear and feel in the spiritual realm.



I'm about to demonstrate. You're going to see my hand. There will even be jobs a day positions that you land because of My hand. I'm going to trust you into the next place.


And I'm going to do it on someone else's dime. For there is going to be money that is released. And I even send these to bring you PEACE.


And I release keys and your cares of this world. I even stop the stifling. I will release the fear of backtracking. I cancel the assignment of fear in the name of Jesus. Fix your eyes upon ME.


He said, 'I am changing the course correction and it'll come when it's LEAST expected. Another route and another path. And even though others may laugh, I shift you out on my shaft. Another way out. There shall be provisions and sustaining.


I'm introducing you to a whole new realm of individuals. Even those you were never able to sit at a table with. Watch as I open these doors; these portals.


PRAYER: We thank You, Lord that You are one that warns.


● He is warning us.

● During trials, is where visionaries and millionaires are born.

● Even in chaos you will receive ideas and revelations.

● I AM opening doors.



There is a taking off.

A taking off of mask and task

A taking off false burdens

A taking off of false words

Fix your eyes on me


This spirit of delusion is being taken off too

I am removing this spirit- and I cause your eyes and ears to see and hear


I am removing this fear that has turned into psychosis its poisoning the body

False spirits

They believe they are accursed and will not receive my finished work

You have done the work now let Me dominate.


I have adopted you as sons, but they still believe they are slaves


Mitch match teachings, you foolish galatians who have bewitched you?


I am reintroducing you to me, to My majesty –


His presence is about to interrupt you



And recompense

A month to prepare for his presence

Its coming to engulf you


This will be a month of transactions and new territories


You will be trained by my spirit


Marksmen in the spirit


You will hear what is said in heavenly places


Prepare the pitch in my presence

Prepare your pen in my presence

Promotion in my presence


GOD BEGAN TO SPEAK IN 'E' WORDS, He said I'm about to:


1. Establish: Setting up firmly. In the Bible: God setting up laws (Exodus 19:5).

● I'm about to ESTABLISH you.

2. Execute: Carry out a plan. In the Bible: Laws being carried out (Leviticus 20:13).

● So I can EXECUTE a plan.

3. Enter: Going into a place. In the Bible: Israelites entering the Promised Land (Joshua 1:11).

● You're about to ENTER into this new land.

4. Entrapment: Tricking someone. In the Bible: Pharisees trying to trick Jesus (Matthew 22:15).

● Every bit of ENTRAPMENT or trickery, I reveal it to you

5. Equalize: Making things equal. In the Bible: Fairness and equality in Proverbs 11:1.

● I EQUALIZE things and cause things to be equal.

6. Equality: Being equal in rights/status. In the Bible: All are equal in Christ (Galatians 3:28).

EQUALITY. I even begin to deal with laws that are blocking.

7. Embers: Glowing remnants of a fire. In the Bible: "Burning coals" in Proverbs 25:22.

● And you shall feel my EMBERS, which is the fire.

8. Eradicate: Destroy completely. In the Bible: Removing sin or wickedness (Deuteronomy 17:7).

● As I ERADICATE and destroy completely, wickedness in High places.

9. Enroll: Register on a list. In the Bible: Enrolling for a census (Luke 2:1-5).

● God said tell my people they should ENROLL (in classes, tests, etc).

10. Expect: Think something will happen. In the Bible: Expecting Christ's return (Titus 2:13).

EXPECT and believe something is going to happen.

11. Echo: Reflected sound. Indirect biblical connection: Repeated themes in Psalms.

● You shall hear ECHOS from heaven (a reflected sound from my secret place).

12. Efficient: Productive with little waste. In the Bible: Being diligent in Proverbs.

● You will be EFFICIENT and learn to not waste.

13. Elope: Run away to marry. Not directly addressed in the Bible.

● He saw many ELOPE.

14. Enact: Make a proposal into law. In the Bible: Laws based on God's commandments (Deuteronomy 5:31-33).

● He's enacting NEW laws.

15. Empty: Containing nothing. In the Bible: Christ "emptying" himself (Philippians Laws.

● He's EMPTYING you of old so He can fill you with the new.

16. Ebate: Online rebate. Not directly related to the Bible.

17. End times: Prophetic end of the world. In the Bible: Book of Revelation.

18. Excavate: Digging or unearthing. In the Bible: Archaeological discoveries.

● I EXCAVATE you (dig up old things) you will find the treasure.

19. Educate: Provide instruction. In the Bible: Training and teaching in Proverbs and by Jesus.

● I EDUCATE you.

20. Evacuate: Move from danger to safety. In the Bible: Lot's escape from Sodom (Genesis 19:12-14).

● There's about to be an EVACUATION.

21. Expedite: Speed up a process. Indirect biblical connection: Israelites' hasty Passover meal (Exodus 12:11).

● God is about to EXPEDITE things in your life.


God said, 'you shall ENTER into new people, doors.




Prophesy to the experts and coaches. I'm about to release my hand concerning the EXPERTS. I'm releasing a new stream to fulfill your dream.


● Pray about Epilepsy.




● I will ENRICH you.

ENDURANCE: in the presence of the Lord is SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH.

● Eagle eye prophets will dwell with the eagles at new heights.



● Native Americans & African-Americans

● Claim everything that belongs to you.

TRY again. If you've failed a test, TRY AGAIN (this time you will place).

FOSTER CARE: God is saying FOSTER them. There will be funding released specifically for that (PREPARE FOR IT).

● As you SHIFT and MOVE, God will provide.


PRAYER: Father, I pray that You would cause laws to come into place that would stop the racism uprising.



● We cover all areas against floods and storms (in your city/ state)

● We pray for a hedge of protection.

● We cover the grids (electric).



● We cover every tunnel.



● We are going to see some level of Enoch.

● We will experience and experience Him in a whole new way and see fantastical things occur.

● As He opens the portals, you will see angels.

● You have to prepare for what the portals bring.



● You will begin to see false miracles.

● You have to walk with God to see what the heart of His TRUE followers are.



● You're opened up to new realms.

● You experience the supernatural.



● While there, she stayed in room 501 (nonprofits are characterized as a 501c3).

● She was connected to another nonprofit that connected her to an individual that could help with her 501c3.


PRAYER: Shift me, Lord!


● God didn't create you to be out here without.



● An open portal in the industry (movie, etc).

● You'll begin to see more films in what we (prophets) do.

● You'll find yourself writing plays/movies.

● It's in the GLORY that you receive God's Divine design.

● You will have new creative ideas that AI could never make.

● His glory causes you to have supernatural abilities.

● There are details coming to you (you're going to wake up with a praise on your lips).

● God is expanding your capacity to fast (for those who may not have been able to do so in the past).

● There will be healing in the body (broken limbs; there will be expedited healing).

● He is healing impotence (He is healing every veins, capillaries, etc).

● He is healing sexual dysfunction (He's healing tubes).

● He's healing the prisons in your mind.

● Come OUT of bandage and come into healing (come out of double mindedness).

● Your creativity is about to peak.

● Don't get thrown off.



● God said there will be supernatural muscles in this industry.



● In seclusion there is great delusion.

● The enemy can manipulate you and cause you to think this that God has NOT said.

● Do not set your mind on things that are NOT of God.

● Come OUT of seclusion.

● We ALL need someone.

● Come out whenever you are and come into the community.

● God's heart for you is community.

● God will introduce you this month into the community.



● There's POWER in community.

● God will connect you PHYSICALLY so that you're not alone.

● He's CONNECTING you.



● You have to hear God for YOURSELF.

● When you see God, He's going to ask if you did what He said.

● Remove the blocks, Lord.

● Know who you idolize.


PRAYER: Father, cause or mouths to ONLY say what You're saying. Let purpose ONLY come across our lips.



● God said it's okay to pull from it.

● Money will be revealed and discovered.

● We come against shootings.



● God is giving you dunamis power.

● We close every illegal door.

● Prepare in His presence.

● You shall EXCEL in this.



● You're about to Excel.

● You SHALL excel

● 2 Corinthians 8: 7-9

● We RECEIVE the acceleration and we WILL excel.


In your quiet time, review: 2 Corinthians 9:8

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