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March 2024 Prophetic Word: The Month of ENDURANCE


● PLENTY: a large or sufficient amount or quantity; more than enough (n).

● ENDURANCE: the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or

situation without giving way (n); denoting or relating to a race or other sporting event that

takes place over a long distance or otherwise demands great physical stamina (adj).

● CAPACITY: the maximum amount that something can contain; the amount that

something can produce (n).

● ACCOMPANY: go somewhere with (someone) as a companion or escort; be present or

occur at the same time as {something else} (v).

● PARTNERSHIP: the state of being a partner or partners; an association of two or more

people as partners; a business or firm owned and run by two or more partners (n).

● ACCESS: a means of approaching or entering a place; an attack or outburst of an

emotion (n). Approach or enter (a place); obtain, examine, or retrieve {data or a file} (v).

● APTITUDE: a natural ability to do something (n).

● RESERVOIR: a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply; a supply

or source of something (n).

● Worship WINS wars.

● What you HONOR is what you'll HAVE.


● The PROVIDER of the Word.

● Honor the splendor Of His Majesty.


There is a reservoir RISING. There is something in you that's untapped and RISING. The untapped potential will RISE this month.

A place where you thought you didn't have anything else to give the Lord is opening up. He's giving you strength, clarity and strategy right now.


● God revealed, ‘What you honor is what you'll have.’

● If you honor your Prophetic dreams and visions you'll have more of both.

● You'll begin to walk with God more and He'll show you more.

PRAYER: Father, we thank You for the weight of the Prophetic Word tonight. Thank You for taking us into deeper expectations and revelations. Remove every distraction as You are about to remind us of some things tonight. As You're about to sustain us and give us insight. Remove everything that will cause us to be removed from Your presence or hinder us. We honor You, Lord. Amen.

● We have to honor God so that He can accompany us.


There's a great door with many locks that we are being pulled towards. The locks are being undone. Those connected to us are being pulled also.

It's filled with necessities and resources and He said THIS month we will have access to SUPERNATURAL resources that we've never seen before.

As you receive resources (concerning vitality, strength and health), God is reminding us of His goodness.

He's granting us ACCESS to another realm; more resources. He's placing a second wind in you for the things you've been suffering and struggling in. He WILL sustain you here. Come in and sup with me, says the Lord. Many have broken their promises this year, but do not fear for I WILL provide. I will place you in the right seats and last year you will NOT repeat. There is a reservoir of PLENTY.

The Lord told me:


● The Lord said there is PLENTY.

● Words creates worlds. Thoughts creates things. Acts creates acquisitions.

● We declare SUPERNATURAL subsistence.

● Tonight we declare PLENTY.

● There is something being subsidized.

We decree and declare that those of you that are on your journey, the Lord said this is the year of the journey. The Lord has CLAIMED your route. The Lord will send His angel as a beacon in your wilderness season to help you through.

Matthew 4:11

PRAYER: Father, we thank You for providing what we need. That You have called Your angels to collect what belongs to us; that we are in a land of plenty. That we can pray and cause things to move. We decree, declare and call forth every blessing that is being held up. We call forth Your provision in this season. We pray for Your sustainability.


You will experience what's rare, IN THE MIDST of trying times.

Hebrews 10:36


● I will accompany you and you WILL pass through this patch of the storm.

● This will be the month of ENDURANCE.

● He will give you the capacity to continue and last.


● Genesis 33:12

● Deuteronomy 28:2

● Ecclesiastes 8:15

● Mark 16:17

I will ACCOMPANY YOU and you will pass through this patch of the storm.

And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.

He will accompany us and we will endure.

Not only accompany, but my presence will overwhelm you; the pressure will be overtaken by my presence.

I will give you boldness in this place.

Pray for COMPANIES -streams, transfers, logistics, answers, judgements overturned, finances unharmed, policies and procedures, increase of what is needed, GREAT RETURNS, able bodies, assistance needed, BAKED GOODS.


● Pray for the company and the Prophets.

● We pray for lack and anything that has been attacked.

● Streams, judgements overturning, finances unharmed, policies and procedures in place;

everything that has been attacked, God will release this burden.

● You started the company with the Lord. May He bless you coming in and coming out.

PRAYER: Father, we thank You for covering those that are called to this office; that are called to speak Your word and do Your work. You will provide for and take care of our needs. We thank You for the company of believers.


● Pray that whatever they have need for, it WILL be provided.

● Those doing social work in the community and social services entities.

● Pray that He will provide.


● I saw a vision of ships, many ships... that had many things on the dock that it was

dropping off.

● Declare that the ships are coming in: relationships, friendships, mentorships,

memberships, companionships, citizenships, fellowships, internship, championships,

partnerships, leaderships, ownerships, scholarships.

● For those experiencing hardships, the Lord said, ‘HIS ship is coming in.’

● Ships carry more weight than a train. You see it in the distance and hear it before you

see it... much like God.

● Carry what you have need of.


Cultivate a place of worship.

I will provide a way of escape.

There shall be finances in sizable transfers.

Remember this place

For I have given you grace For this time

I am going to refine you here

I am pruning you, HERE!

Remaking areas in you

Changing perspectives and point of view

And watch what kind of advice that comes to entice but is not Me I will give you immunity with no strings attached

So close the door and lock the latch

There are those who seek to control

To mold you,

But I have already foretold you

Yes things are getting shaky but I have given you the key Worship is a priority, worship is the remedy. Worship WINS wars. So grab your oar

Get your ducks in a row Paperwork in order

Things are gonna hit... fast

There shall be a return on investments.


● The Lord said He is opening doors.

● There are partnerships and collaborations coming.

● He has granted access to you.

● He's giving you access to GRANTS.

Now is the time for flippers, homes, products, cars, resellers to arise. Open your eyes and what you have around you will astound you.

For there are treasures right in front of you.

For what do you have; use your oil, it will NEVER spoil.

Stir up the gifts that have been dormant. You will not derail because I am giving you details.

Stir up the gift. I'm unlocking the hidden capabilities. Things you did as a child and things you want to do, I'm unlocking.

Don't be afraid of the opportunities in front of you. Many are afraid and talking themselves out of what they can do. Do not say what you can't do.

You ARE capable and you CAN do it.

There is a capability inside of you.

We activate every dormant gift NOW. We thank You that there's no distance in the spirit. We thank You for the activation of every dormant gift and active capability that we know not of. We say to each, unlock your creativity. Let the ideas bubble up in them and drop down from heaven. Let the Prophetic grace create opportunities. Thank You for tent maker ideas; the winning inventions. In Jesus Name, Amen.


● To something you wanted to do last year but didn't do.

I am giving you capabilities

In the middle of war you will soar

Tables are about to shift

I am granting you gifts and favor

And everything that is not supposed to remain will be shifted

I cut off branches that have no quality

Those that weigh you down

Do not be bound to false agreements

You will move beyond your natural capabilities

You will move in Me

Yes you may currently feel fatigue

Out of your league but rest in Me

I place you out of your league, a seat at the table

You have ample time

Pace yourself and Pace your mind for I've given you new eyes to see.


● The Lord is increasing your aptitude.

● Be BOLD! Even though there may be a curveball, you'll be able to catch it with speed.


Concerning the weather; arctic freeze, tornado, earthquakes, everything shakes; rain rain go away, come again another day

Flash flooding, cover the Nations New jersey


The nations

Even London

Birmingham Pensacola Washington State Wyoming

● We pray for intel concerning the weather.

● We thank You for the covering.


● Don't get caught up in the media. Stand still and see My salvation.

● Prepare for a visitation.

● We pray that the Lord increases the value of everything coming your way.

● Do not allow last season to define you.

● Don't let the enemy remind you of what you fell short of. God is giving you COURAGE.

● You will NOT go back to what's OLD.

● We will be able to endure physically, mentally and spiritually.

● We bind going in circles, cycles, aimlessness and systems. Do not stay long where

something has spoiled or the season has been done.

● You're struggling in one season because the grace has lifted for that season.

● Go where the GRACE is.

● God said: DECLARE ERASE (credit, files, etc.).

● We claim victory over despair; even in your mind.


● Pray for the stress and grievances that are on parents right now.

● Cover the family units.

● Divorce the LIES and anything that is opposite of God's word.

● Your mind will be renewed and restored.

● Great things follow those who believe God's glory and spirit is ACCOMPANYING THEM.

● I am restoring and replenishing. I am reminding you.


● There will be healing in your lower back, calf, cataracts, cradle cap, alopecia.

● God's work revealed: There was a young lady from a previous broadcast who hadn't

heard in her right ear in many years. After hearing Dr. Alexis prophesy one night about ears being healed, she called and stated that for the first time in 20 years she was able to hear out of right ear.

● Whatever is going on in your body, there's healing; we receive strength right now.

● We thank You for the healing of fibroid and PCOS.

● Thank You for the healing of all ailments.

● Someone has a cancer appointment and it will be the LAST appointment because God is HEALING you.

● We pray for all fetuses for current and future pregnancies.

● We thank You for alternative medicine.

● We cover everyone having surgery.

● We pray against seizures and epilepsy (this is something personal to Alexis as her

husbands suffers from it; lay hands and pray in tongues for healing).


1- At 20 years old, Alexis was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome, a blood disorder.

After praying about it individually and with others, she attended a church in Orlando, Florida where a woman of God told her there was an issue with her blood and the Lord was healing her blood.

Upon going back to the doctor, there was nothing wrong with her blood. God sent His word to heal her and He did.

2- Last month was the month of reveal. After going through another situation of issues with her body she had a dream. The doctor informed her of anomalies (it wasn't her doctor, but a main doctor of the facility).

Initially thinking it was diabetes (which is genetic in her family and after initially testing negative for it), she missed a scheduled appointment two weeks later but after already looking at her test scores she saw thet the tests were normal.

There was nothing to be alarmed about. A week later she had another dream to have her tests read. He told her there was nothing in the blood and the medical issues were caused by nerve inflammation. A family member named Chelsea told her to stop eating bread. A girl named Asia showed her how to have half a serving of bread with butter.


● Scott Hastings(doctor): means to run with a shield or to protect; make haste or with speed.

● Chelsea: a place of landing.

● Asia: alive and well.

● Bread: gluten, cholesterol.

● The Lord wanted her to know that it was generational. Her nerves (inflamed) were

suffering because of her diet. She was to begin watching her intake of the foods she ate. She was to begin cutting her intake and the dream was to make her aware of this before the condition worsened.

● The Lord is telling you what to do; it's impacting you and you have to cut it out. He will give you the strength to do it.

PRAYER: Father, we thank You for the angelic hosts covering the people this month. That Your angels will do Your work this month. Thank You that Your presence is tangible for those gathered. Thank You for abundance and surprises this month.


● You're gonna fast for three days and then be amazed.

● Fast to really hear God concerning your life.

● Call someone this month and offer the prayer of healing and faith for what's in their body.

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