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April 2024 Prophetic Word: The Month of Avalanche and Return


● AVALANCHE: a sudden arrival or occurrence of something in overwhelming quantities

(n); undergo a rapid increase in conductivity due to an avalanche process (v).

● TRICKLE: come, go, or appear slowly or gradually (v).

● DOMINO EFFECT: a chain reaction that occurs when one event sets off a series of

similar, related, or connected events.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, as we are setting this month with prayer and prophecy, we thank You that You go before us. May the weight of Your glory drop upon us now. God I thank You for guiding our footsteps this month; that You move us out of frustration and fear. Father that You bring us face to face with that of which You are calling us towards. Let us rest in knowing it is You guiding us and will present us to the right people. So we remove all of our doing because it's up to Your doing. Now unto You and not unto us. We trust and love You tonight. That You're moving us into a new sphere, set time and place. We thank You that we haven't wasted any time. We bless You for meeting us here tonight. We believe that there shall be transformation that happens this month. That You will blow a wind that will send us to the right place.


● You are RIGHT on time with God's timeline.

● Don't move too fast; allow God to do it.

● God has you right where He wants and needs you to be.

● Don't rush the path that God has created for you.

● There's supernatural occurrences that happen during your birthday month.

● Always be in posture for the miraculous to begin.


● Last month it was prophesied about a ship coming in. This could lend itself to all the new

‘ships’ in your life.

● It can also refer to the recent events of the cargo ship hitting the bridge in Baltimore.

● Sometimes God speaks to us and we don't understand why but you trust God. There's

multiple ways He can speak to us, we just have to be open to speak about what He has

said and receive it.

● Trust His word.


● Rest In My ability not yours. When you move on your own power, you aren't graced in that area.

PRAYER: Father, we are sorry for moving in our own will. We repent for trying to do things on our own will. We ask that You give us Your idea and the moment. We want to do Your work and Your ideas. Tell me what You want me to do at this moment. Help us to not be moved by our own idea, but by Your idea.


PRAYER: Father, we cover any area concerning an avalanche. If there be any rapid falling

snow, we cover every person. Dispatch Your angels. We pray against the avalanche.

● We thank You for the sudden arrival/occurence of something of overwhelming quantities.

● This month shall be an avalanche.

● There shall be a sudden ARRIVAL.

● We thank You for an avalanche of healing.

● God will put you on the fast track of healing.

● There will be an AVALANCHE of unexpected great things.

● He will put you on the fast track once it happens.


● I'm about to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.

● As I interrupt I give intel (secret knowledge and the hidden things). It's beyond what your

intellect can understand. It's HEAVENLY intel.

● You shall SURELY bounce back from that attack.

● You WILL get over that hump (that you encountered last month).

● God has seen your sacrifice.

● God said: the plot to divide and conquer will not be, for I've sent my entity... and He is


No more bouncing to and fro. Stand still and see my salvation. I have set angels around you and my glory will astound you.

There are things in your peripheral that you haven't seen but I have already seen. Worry not for I will remove every plant and demonic entity that has come to cause havoc. Every cancer that has been planted in your body; that has been planned to attack you.

I see all and I know all. Come up out of hiding. Last year was one to retreat but this year I call you back on your feet.

Arise and shine for your light has come. There is more work to be done. I see you and know you, says the Lord. Get back on board.

VISION of soldiers being deployed:

● We pray for the armed forces around the country. We pray for any war brewing; that You already know all. We pray that you cover our children and family; those that will have to reenlist. Cover them and keep them safe. Any attack shall FAIL in the name of Jesus. Send your angelic hosts across the waters. We thank You that You thwart every evil spirit.


● Zachariah 1:3

● Isaiah 44:22

● Joel 2:12

● PROPHETIC VISION: In the vision there was an ice cube that had the hearts of the

people that had turned wax cold.

● God was showing Alexis how things of the world had taken place and caused the

people's prayer lives to go cold and turn away from Him. There was a tiredness of the

bodies of the people that has caused the people to go on a fast.

● A return on investment; a return on our hearts.


HOMEWORK: study the word ‘return’ using the link above to delve deeper into the biblical sense of the word. Spend time reading the scriptures that touch upon each rendition of the meaning.

FASTING: Fast Action Supernatural Turnaround:

● Things happen when you fast.

● It's a spiritual bomb.

● Ecclesiastes 4:9

● This is a return of opportunities.

● Our hearts are longing for God's love.


● Pray against every technological, systematic attack against systems.

● Thank You for covering the technical pipes and telecommunications.

● That which opposed the brethren in the spiritual and natural realms.


● Do NOT get caught up in conspiracy (TikTok Prophecy).

● It can sometimes seem like prophecy but it's NOT because it's not the word of God.

● Trust in God, the one who gives you protection/insight/direction.

● Ex: yesterday was Easter Sunday and it coincided with National Transgender Day. After

researching, it was realized that this day falls on March 31 of every year.


● Concerning our family and loved ones.

● God is working behind the scenes orchestrating things.

● Acts 8:26-40

● This is a month for families. A domino effect will happen within your family.

● Families will be saved.

Ex: Alexis went home with her in-laws. During this trip she went to church and her 60 year-old aunt gave her life to the Lord. Not only her aunt, her aunt's grandchildren did as well (ages 16 and 11). They asked James (Alexis's husband to walk them through the salvation of being saved). They stayed at a hotel and met a couple who inquired about the shirt her in-laws were wearing. The shirt is a brand of her friend. The couple was at the store in Dallas and a young man prayed for them. This young man was the man that Alexis & her husband married this past weekend.

● God is concerned with the hearts of families this month.

● We are standing in prayer concerning our loved ones.

● That they will give their lives to Jesus and we will see the domino effect happen for our

loved ones.

● Apologize to your family members that have hurt, manipulated and changed you.

● Mercy creates MIRACLES.

● God said: I'm cracking something open inside of You because your soul matters most to

me (He's softening your heart).

● He's giving you an opportunity to do it this month.

Ex: A cousin stole $30k from Alexis's father some time ago (the same cousin whose mother was saved). Alexis forgave her for stealing from her father. Traveling and spreading the gospel to others, prompted her to finally forgive her cousin.


● For those wandering and going around in a circle, lay down the thing that has no grace for you. No more toiling. Go back to what brought you the most peace then put your feet to the plow.

● Get your inheritance (it's not just physical). There's a spiritual inheritance.

● Claim the legacy of your bloodline FOR your bloodline (being saved and set free).

● The Golden Bowls are prayers of the Saints.

● Acts 10:4

● Revelations 8:3-5

● Sow seeds on behalf of your family.


● Get a gold bowl. Fill it with prayers and ANTICIPATE a return on it.

● Watch and see how God returns.

● Do this according to the Revelations scripture (that talks about the bowls of prayer) and

EXPECT God to make it happen.


● The Lord said NO WORD from Him will return void.

● Prophetic Occurrence: Alexis's great grandmother told her father if he did not become

a preacher, his seed would. Both Alexis and her twin brother are Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

● We are about to see a return on the lives of those that are believers.

● We will see the goodness of God and the fulfillment of His promise.

PRAYER: Father, open the door for our families to see the fruit of our prayers. Now unto You and not us. We believe that we shall see the return this month. Our children will not be out on the streets or in the clubs. They will feel God's call on their life and walk away.

Alexis's story: one day she was in the club and she felt like she wasn't supposed to be there. She was then told by her brother that a woman from when they were young, so a call on her life and asked her brother, Alexis began prophesying yet. At the age of 24, Alexis was called to be a Prophetic.

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