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January 2024 Prophetic Word: The Year of Supply

This is a year of PROPHETIC ACTION.

● You will do supernatural things this year; these things won't make sense but you will do it.

● You will do in action, not just your word. You will ACT ON the Prophetic Word.

Prophetic Word speaks to but the Prophetic Action puts it in motion.


Phillipians 4:19 (ASV)

And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


Song: It's Your Time by Sarah Mia

'2024 you will see MORE'



Push Through

We rely on HIS SUPPLY: His supply is UNLIMITED.

SUPPLY: (v) make (something needed or wanted) available to someone; provide; (n) a stock of a resource from which a person or place can be provided with the necessary amount of that resource.

EQUIPMENT: (n) the necessary items for a particular purpose; the process of supplying someone or something with items necessary for a particular purpose; mental resources.

PROVISION: (n) the action of providing or supplying something for use; an amount or thing supplied or provided.

SUPPORT:  (v) bear all or part of the weight of; hold up; (n) a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright.

SUFFICIENT:  (a) enough; adequate.

REVIVAL: (n) an improvement in the condition or strength of something; an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again; a new production of an old play or similar work.

SLATED: (v) schedule; plan.



Alexis's Gems (Can I prophesy to you?):

● Whatever you're going through, PUSH through.

● Lift up your arms (to the Lord) so you can push through.

● We're not sitting where we once were (last year).

● Where a collapse happens, God is setting us up (for His goodness and greatness).

● God said, 'Continue to do your work because the time is now. Lift your arms.'


PRAYER: Holy Spirit, thank You for the year. Thank You for letting us cross over (into the new year). We thank You. We lift up a shout of praise for the everliving God. We bless You for the year. We worship You for the year. We bless Your Name tonight. We give honor to the ONLY living and true God.


● It won't always be sunshine and rainbows, but under His banner and protection we will be okay.


2024 in the strong concordance:

● Means supply

● Supply, equipment, provision, support.

● The supply of the Spirit NEVER runs dry.

● It is not based on us, it is based on Him.

● We have entered into an era where there will be full of error(s) that will be on display for all the world to see. You have to stand guard of what He has put in you. You must link up with your brothers and sisters that are true to this calling and this election.


HOMEWORK: look up Scriptures this month that speak about supplying/supply.


Stay on the Path.

Do not get off course.

Things will come to make you question what God said.

But those who are sons of God are led by His spirit.

And this will be a spiritual year.

A school of the spirit.

The spirit trains, searches all things.

Your atmosphere is about to change,

As I rearrange your position

I RESET your vision.




For those flying under the radar, I heard the Lord say that it is your time to emerge and that many people will come out of seemingly nowhere, but they have been with the Lord.


The Father says that it is your time to elevate and it is your time to step onto the plate.


It's like I see a baseball game where the person who is up to bat is you.


The Lord said it is your time to be up to bat and you need to make sure that when you strike that ball, you strike it with force.


And I heard the Lord say international rivers; that international rivers are going to start connecting and combining in America, and so prepare for the international rivers and international voices to become bigger than ever in 2024 and 2025.


You will see these voices come alive if there will be others who come down. God will bring others up and they will expound. It will be like exponential growth, and the Lord said that they will begin to take territory, and they will begin to take the reins as the Lord causes this country America to go through birthing pains.


There are going to be new births and new people taking the mantle and running; watch for Africa, which is going to come as God's son.


And the Lord said that there shall be impartation.


I saw, supernatural, impartation and dreams, and impartation happening in person, and impartation happening from reading. The Lord said that there shall be impartation throughout the nations there shall be impartation so anticipated.


A great divide And there should be a great divide, and you will see the country split again and racial tensions rise, and there will be those who compromise and those who kill still and devise plans there will be coming.


And I heard the Lord say they’re watching; heaven is watching; they're watching you; they are watching you. And this isn’t anything spooky, this has to do with people who are waiting to just invite you.


● This will be in the church arena as well as the entertainment arena.

● Two worlds will join into one.

● There will be a slew of entertainment and ministries. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

● All the dreams that didn't make sense, will make sense now.




I amplify your voice.

And give you new community and unity.


This is also a year that you will get out of fear and do what I've called you to do, even if you have to go at it alone.

No longer prolong but set your feet to the beat that I have arranged for you.


No matter the disaster I will supply.

No matter the issue I will supply.

I will supply.

I will supply.

I will supply and sustain.


I heard the Lord say Hiroshima.

Pray against any attack with bombs.



Dusseldoth Germany


Pray against attacks overseas in Airports.


Transports and Transporters.


Electricity solutions across borders.

South Africa


Cartagena, Colombia

Educate yourself on the nations.

The nations shall be your inheritance.


Globally there shall be an uprising that will be because of American politics.


The earth lays in balance,

From tsunamis, earthquakes and floods.

The earth speaks what is and what was.


The elected one will speak as well,

To my character and to my commitment to bring hope to a dying world.


Pray for empathy and mercy.



● Those that have physical stores and sell online, we pray that God gives you what's needed to stay afloat.

● You need an increase of capital.

● Pray for wisdom, increase and strategy.



A prayer for merchants.


Cannabis solutions.


I open up institutions to you.

You shall be the solutionist,



The Lord says continue to pray for

There shall be a card turning in the favor.

Archbishop the church is going to scatter,

What remains will matter.

A great falling away in the body of believers,

You cannot serve two masters.

What remains will matter.


I raise up chosen sons, in small communities; they receive immunity.

But in the vast, they fail for the masses,

No more rose colored glasses.

I sift through looking for who I might find,

No time to rewind.


A catastrophe awaits,

Time to turn down the plates.

For what will be seized,

They will seek to take world peace.


You are being interrupted for this special announcement,

Even those who denouncement

Those who I have not sent.


The glitz and the glam – not the inheritance of Abraham,

But of mammon, distinguish between the two,

It will expose them, it will expose you.


Case closed.

Old Dockets will be opened

Law constantly changing.

Sentences being rearranged.

Sons and daughters coming out for small change,

Instead of being arraigned.


But lawsuits beckon.

Secrets come out.

And the walls come tumbling down,

In every city, and those with crowns.


Keep your eyes on Florida

The sunshine state

Tourism declines

Given fines


I am giving you an open door

As people leave out, you will sneak in.

Unexpected, unsuspected.

You will learn in an unabridged way because you obey.


● Father, we repent for not staying on Your path.

● Will you take God's offer to you?


Paraguay- Argentina

As related to trade as related to slaves

The weaker party.




Tower of babble,

Looks like scrabble.

There is going to be a labor war over technology (a digital war),

And unions stepping in for real people.

To fight the evil that is sure to come.


● Artificial Intelligence is a tool but don't be a fool.


PRAYER: Father, we pray to see any attacks before it happens. We bind them in the name of Jesus.




PRAYER: Father, Bless the hand of the believer. Father, we thank You for our finances and what's in our hands. That the people of God will expand in the land, even the midst of things sinking like quicksand. We pray that You will bless the hands. That you will Psalm 27 us. That we will be under Your canopy and under Your glory.


● Psalm 27



Ungodly alliance


● Don't fall for the bait.

● It's getting worse and worse every election year.

● We follow the pattern and we go with God.



● This is the year for couple Revivals.

● There will be a revival in your marriage like never before.



● We pray against racism, demonic spirits and mislabeled kids. We pray for God's heavenly assistance during this time.

● We pray for grievances. File the paperwork then watch and see won't it work.

● File the grievance, the door is open for it now.


I heard Arsenic, I saw an attack on Putin (almost like a poisonous attack).

Personal attack.

Catastrophic. Invalid.

Soviet Union ties.

Amped up violence


I saw Israel and Russia.

An unlikely pair shake hands.


They will go to (present) impeach Biden three times.




Financial reset –


Also, I heard the word Asteroid




Build with the basics (for you business owners).

Be mindful of lofty endeavors.

Be grounded as ever.

Be focused and be aware.

There will be launches this year that are peculiar but needed.

Things that you seeded for years ago.

You will see them roll out.

Get out of fear and doubt.


It will be a year for better health.



● Book of Zechariah (speaks about the 7's).

● On this fast, make sure to listen to God and His instructions.

● Isaiah 58

● We fast for God's plan not for God's hand.

● To get close to Him and hear what He wants for our life.

F.A.S.T.: Fast Action, Supernatural Turnaround


Pray about anxiety and fear.



● This is the year of the podcast. Start with what you have.

● God will AMPLIFY your voice.

● This is the year of financial acumen (Financial acumen refers to all aspects of a company's monetary transactions and economic value and allows leaders to understand better and manage financial indicators related to stakeholders, resources, goals and market success).

● Continue to YIELD… if you yield you'll hear Him. When you hear Him, MOVE FAST and BY FAITH.

● You've walked with the Lord long enough to know what He's telling you to do.

● You will experience angels at a heightened rate (during the fast).

● Read Zechariah during your fast (in Zechariah you'll see that the angels explained things he did not understand; the ministering angels will give you wisdom).

● Reparations; payback from way back.

● We claim our inheritance and restitution.

● We ALREADY have access to the One that intercedes for me and for you.

● We are covered.




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