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February 2024 Prophetic Word: The Month of the Reveal and Hidden Doors


Deep Calls Unto Deep



RELEASED: (v) allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free; allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely; (n) the action or process of releasing or being released; the action of making a movie, recording, or other product available for general viewing or purchase.

ANNULLED: (v) declare invalid (an official agreement, decision, or result); declare (a marriage) to have had no legal existence.

REVEAL: (v)make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others; (n) a final revelation of information that has previously been kept from the characters or viewers.

RECLASSIFY: (v) assign to a different class or category.

AMPLIFY: (v) cause to become more marked or intense.

Proclaim further (than what you see)!

The middle makes CHAMPIONS!


PRAYER: Father, we thank You for being here with us tonight. We thank You that Your word will go and perform what You have called it perform. Father, we bless Your Name.



● Things are being cut and released this month in your favor.

● This is the year of Supply.

● Things that were held up are being released.

● Abundance is being released.

● You can't throw in the towel early because God is taking you from glory to glory.

● You have to trust God's word over your life and not your feelings.

● You have to trust God whether you're at base or abound.


ALEXIS SAW: things being held were released. A bag held over your head hanging by a string was cut open; like you were hanging by a string. The string was cut and you were… RELEASED.


PRAYER: Father, we welcome You here tonight. I pray that the gift of faith arises right now in the middle of the challenges. Lord, I won't neglect You, speak ill of You or go against the grain. Please cancel the spirit of shame. I come out of agreement with it. We come into agreement with every word You have spoken. May every heart that isn't for me be revealed. Give me Your revelatory knowledge. Unlock me, Lord. May every secret be revealed. May the places I'm called to live and be, be unlocked. We pray that the gift of faith arises right now in the middle of the challenges. Lord, open the scrolls of my life. Amen.


● God wants to increase our faith and STABILIZE us.

● His angelic beings are working behind the scenes.

● You HAVE to trust the word of the Lord.

● He's taking you ‘TO’ somewhere. God won't let you miscarry what He's placed in you.

● The ‘to’ is in the middle and the middle makes CHAMPIONS.

● God is teaching, endorsing, defining and training you in the middle.

● He's creating and working behind the scenes on YOURbehalf.

● Anything that doesn't line up with the Word of God, is a lie. You align with what God spoke.

● We rebuke the ‘lying spirits’.

● Satan is the accuser and the lie comes from the accuser (Satan).

● There's an annulment in the spirit realm right now.


DREAM: God let me (Alexis) know in a dream that the ‘lies’ told to her were false prophets (a woman placed her feet on Alexis in this dream). God told her that the words were lies and not what He has spoken over her life. One man was speaking to her about what the Lord said; another woman put her bare feet on Alexis's chest and spoke to her the words that were in her head. God told her those were false words from the woman and to cancel and not believe them… because Words (God's Word) creates worlds.


● You have to annul what God hasn't said.


Words for REVEAL in the strong concordance:


1541- Gela (to reveal): to bring over or to carry away.

Daniel 28 says, ‘it is God who reveals mysteries’; Heaven reveals secrets.

Daniel 2:30

Strong Hebrew 15:40: to uncover; to remove

7328: a secret; then the mystery was revealed.

5475 Strong Hebrew: sod the council; may every secret council be revealed.

Jeremiah 33:6- I will reveal to them the abundance of peace.

● I will reveal it at night. I will reveal the purpose.

Deuteronomy 29:29


God will REVEAL the purpose.


DREAM: Her friend had a dream about land. Alexis' husband said their land was in Mississippi and Alexis said their land was in Louisiana. When going to New Orleans (years ago with a friend), God spoke to Alexis about owning land there. She was confused because she was born in Fort Polk but after speaking to her father last week she was told that she was born in New Orleans (they were sent to New Orleans to a more successful hospital). Places are important and the Lord revealed the information to her (that she was born in New Orleans and will own land in New Orleans). She later realized her birth certificate did not tell the truth. God is bigger than any document. It said one thing (that she was born in Fort Polk) and it wasn't true. God will reveal the truth to you. In the Bible, ‘place’ was always important. God revealed the information and now she can pray better and pray with authority.


We are Ambassadors and every place we walk, we OWN. Places are imperative. Places are important because they represent your inheritance.



● Knock and the door shall be opened.

● God is revealing tonight and this month, hidden wisdom and knowledge; things that will perplex you.

● He will reveal places that you didn't realize were a door.

● God will send angels to explain the information He reveals.

● May every hidden thing be revealed/discovered… TREASURE. The treasuries are open.

● Zachariah received hidden information from the angel.

● There is an ‘after this’.


DREAM: Alexis’s Creative Director had a dream and the number 214 was on a check that she was given in the dream. 214 in the strong concordance meant ‘treasure’. She'd stayed in a hotel room that was 214 in Chicago where she was given a master key that could unlock any door. After reviewing her texts, she was reminded of the supernatural experience in Chicago.




February is the month of Reveal.


Deep calls unto deep, you're about to leap

Steady your feet you're about to go deep

It's time to go and seek

It’s time to let go and seek

Seek me- do not be afraid of the unknown because things are about to become known

There is an unveiling and revealing

And through which there shall be a healing


No longer will you believe a lie

I am removing the veil from your eyes

And you will not compromise


I am revealing what's hidden

Even in your mind


The treasuries are open


I will guide you

Increase your arsenal that’s word

Increase your arsenal that’s worship

Increase your arsenal that’s prayer


I am removing idols

Things that call you to stall you


● Things that want to compromise you.

● I'm putting you in public view to be seen and I need you to be integral because you will be seen in the midst of them all.


February 2024, I heard the Lord say:


There is going to be a change over

A crossover

Things happening across the border

Advocates for immigrants rights

A dog fight

Things won’t happen overnight

But the plight for






Texas will see major protest

Because of the racist policies


A call for overseas


Adversaries, Adversities


Australian seal watch

Bay watch- algae in the sea

Killing the fishies

Scientist, perplexed by the growing algae that is killing




Canadian corruption

Government interruption


Separate but equal tax

Blacks to fight back


To receive back land.


DECREE: there's a coming back of land; laws will be changed for people in prison; reparations and repayments.


● We are here but this is ONLY our temporary home.

● We live in multidimensions because we are seated in heavenly places with God.

● Your residence is heaven.

● When you're seated with God, you see and respond to things differently.


Afghanistan allegiance with Iran

Arsenal built up

Arguments erupt

Lebanese government to bulk up

Treaty’s invited by handshakes

China experiences a quake

Shipping in thwarted

And stalled

Cars & battery’s receive a recall


Africa and arsenic


The handling of a epidemic


(Fruit flies)


Aston Kutcher.

Front line.


According to reuters

Many to be outed


● Words are existing from now until eternity.

● God revealed to Alexis to speak some things.


Watch, watch the mills

Flour mills


New Jersey

New Jersey shore

I saw keys in the water

Even water coming to wash away




I pray for access in New Jersey

Pray against home invading



Black mail

Black Lives Matter

A scattering

A tattering


An ambush


A look to rainbow push




Many jobs are being reclassified

Many positioned

I have sanctioned this


● With reclassification, you're being PROMOTED.

● LinkedIn



● God said cyber security endeavors will be increased.

● God will equip you and surpass people in this arena.

● God will call you to be knowledgeable.

● What you research and retain will bring a return.


MERCHANTS: We call a block against everything and everyone trying to block you.

● We pray that the Lord calls it into season.

● God will open a door for financing whatever we need.

● The Lord said: DECLARE IMMUNITY.

● You will not be taken out. You will have a reservoir.

● The skill you have will not be replicated by AI.

● You have the intelligence from The Lord that's an original blueprint that can't be taken from you. It WILL create STREAMS FOR YOUR DREAMS.

● May the writers ARISE. The hidden doors will be open for you. He will cultivate something in you that cannot be stopped or thwarted.

● God will heal your hurt from hurt.

● Dust your feet off, stand tall and START AGAIN. YES YOU SHALL.

● We call forth everything that belongs to you.

● Everything you're called to create, you SHALL create.

● He's amplifying you to do His work. There's a new kid on the block and it's YOU.

● May you EXPAND.

● God is amplifying you and your voice.


PRAYER: May the contracts be open to you. May what you do not know, you learn. Call us forth to receive it Lord. No longer will we cry over closed doors for we know the hidden door is ours. Amen.


There is going to be a shaking and awakening. There's going to be people who are privy to information and attempted assassination. A migration from north to south. I hear the word Bill out. Many businesses will be billed out. It’s time to take a different route it’s time to go deeper


Call forth the increase

It’s in your mouth


● Call forth what you need an increase in (let God know).

● Everything spoken will happen. It's the law of the Kingdom.

● God said it WILL produce for you. Prepare in the meantime.

● God said increase your arsenal.

● Silence the chatter in your mind and listen for God's voice and will. We fast to get close to God, not get what's in God's hands.

● His will shall be made manifest.



● May you cover every kid from attack. Defend them, Father.


Father, we pray that You send Your angels to guard every school bus. May they shield the children, keeping them safe from oncoming traffic. Protect them from the threat of intoxicated drivers. Expose any bus drivers under the influence. Unveil the adversary's schemes, including any mechanical issues like faulty brakes and gas lines. Thwart every attack, every plot against them. We pray that all the children arrive safely at school and back to their homes.


In the name of Jesus,





Declare cancer to be healed

And all cures to be revealed


PRAYER: We pray that You eliminate any delay. We thank You that You reveal and open the door for what they're waiting on. We cover Your people that are sick. Lead us to the right doctor. Thank You for eliminating the cancerous cells in the body. Amen.




Prayers for Indonesia against Tsunami and Tidal waves

California, prayers against earthquakes and arctic freezes.


Businesses I heard the Lord say things are about to come back around


Declare immunity

Declare abundance




● Proclaim further!

● Book of Zechariah

● Speak beyond what you CAN'T SEE.

● God said, ‘take the trip’.

● God said this will be a catalyst month.

● No more trying to ‘get back’. REMOVE the seed of bitterness. I (God) will give the victory.



● Tickets being forgiven.

● Don't seek false validation for I have placed my stamp on you (God said).

● Although the market will be sluggish, you will not suffer.

● God will open doors and opportunities in the nick of time.

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