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June Prophetic Word 2023: The Seeds Are Coming Back

June Prophetic Word 2023: The Seeds Are Coming Back

Definitions for June:

• Redeem: compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).

• Restore: bring back (a previous right, practice, custom, or situation); reinstate.

• Answer: a thing said, written, or done to deal with or as a reaction to a question, statement, or


• Repel: drive or force (an attack or attacker) back or away.


• It is absolutely YOUR TIME for supernatural favor.

• God will use supernatural numbers to supersede your expectations.

• What you have given is about to come back and chase you down.

• Pay attention to EVERYTHING on your journey (any journey you're on; spiritual, mental,

emotional, etc).

• You have to step out of His way and let God show you HIS hand.

• He says, 'I WILL establish it'.

• This is a SUPERNATURAL month.

• He is igniting your faith.

• It doesn't matter what's in your bank account, you have FAITH.

• I prophesy that you SHALL see the hand of the Lord this month.

• Hebrews 11

• Begin to read scriptures on faith.

• Creative funding: God wants to expand the way you see things.

• CONFRONT the spirit of fear.

• Try God AGAIN.

• God wants to REDEEM your dream.

• The seed will expand and bring you there (into abundance).


• It's IMPORTANT to sit alongside teachings that PUSH you; to push and activate your faith.

• What you're sitting under is what you'll begin to acquire.

• Worlds create worlds!

• God is priming us for His GREATEST miracles yet.

• Everyday supernatural miracles; EXPECT it.

• God's hand is NOT short. What He did for one He CAN do for you.

• We're in EXPECTATION for revelations and overflow.

• You shall HAVE what you say. The seeds are coming back.

• I prophesy that God's BEST will come into fruition this month; you shall it.

• Those of you with 1 or multiple homes, get ready for MORE.

• The same blessings I prophesy to you, in Jesus Mighty Name.

• He's going to FINISH the work and He will take your faith to the next level.

• Pentecost means a MIGHTY rushing wind; that will blow you INTO the

healing/marriage/relationship/church/child/door that is YOURS.


• God said you WILL close on your home THIS month.

• The Lord uses numbers to speak (to you) and it will cause your baby to leap (your dreams).

• Many of you will purchase and close on a home in the same amount of time (as her) or less

(Dr. Alexis closed in 24 days).

• Isaiah 55

• In 24 days, you're about to be amazed as well.

• He will redeem, restore and answer some things for you.


• God speaks through numbers (He uses signs and symbols to guide).

• On April 11 (the day after her birthday), God told her that He would give her a house.

• He told her that the process would pass through (it would be quick).

• He told her to apply for $500k loan & she was granted $500k pre-approval.

• She did an IDR for her student loans and was granted (it brought her DTI down).

• On the 5th of May, she started looking for homes.

• She went into one home by a buyer she didn't really like, but she was going to apply; a feeling

in her stomach gave her pause.

• 1 Kings 10:27

• On the 6th of May they went into a Windsor Homes (builder).

• The houses in that area were $650k, but that house was $580k (they prayed for the house; the

house was called The Cedar- the prayer they prayed).

• They prayed for a new build home that fell through.

• They were told $10k was needed to get approved for funding (that was non-refundable).

• A Prophet told them that the house was theirs and it was her reeping from a seed sown in

Florida (where she met her husband).

• When she went to give the money, she saw 555 on a board.

• 55 was the meaning of the house.

• On the 9th, she sowed a $55 birthday gift to a friend (who then told her it was home buying


• Isaiah 55 (God's word will NOT return back void).

• You will receive an abundance of blessings.

• The seller had been there for 5 years; they're buying on the 5th month; Dr. Alexis has been

married 5 years (555).

• God expedited the process so she could tell of His goodness tonight for the broadcast.

• She found out that on April 11, the Fair Housing Act was signed into office; 55 years later when

she heard she would have a house.

• The Lord says, 'You're about to see justice in the housing market'.

• On January 5, they were going to go on a 5-day fast. She sowed into someone for their rent (a

$555 seed).

• She (Dr. Alexis) releases and continues on; she's obedient.


• Romans 10:11: Those that HOPE in Him shall never be ashamed.

• Her realtor blessed her with $5k.

• When she asked God why He allowed the house to close in 24 days, He told her to remember

the story of Daniel (he fasted for 21 days and was visited by the angel on the 24th day).

• 555... Grace, Grace, Grace.

• All of this happened during Pentecost, that also represents 50.


June the seeds are coming back to speak. Yes even this week. There shall be a release.

There shall be an inheritance. For release inheritance.

I heard the Lord say you are about to skip some steps.

Things are about to be rectified and ratified.

There is swift justice.

Swift payback.

You are about to get on track.

No looking back.

You shall find the treasure.

Things will be measured.

You will receive your measure.

I will grant you Godly pleasure.

I am releasing the pressure.

You shall see the overflow.

Time to grow.

Time to switch.

Time to get hitched.


And not be consumed.

And things are coming that are mentioned in heaven.

I am leveling things out.

I am about to REROUTE you to the right route.

And you're coming out.

You are stepping into innovation.

You are gaining anticipation.

And you shall be owners.

For this month I prophesy hundreds of owners.

I prophesy earnest money.

And things needed to close.

I prophesy a new attitude, even new clothes.

A new mindset you are coming out of; the old into the new.

The season is gonna be on that you say look what happened out of the blue.

Out of the blue babies.

Out of the blue business(es).

Out of the blue bonuses.

Out of the blue marital bliss.

I will even pay your rent.

You will no longer have to pitch a tent.

And go from place to place.

I will bring you to a place to settle.

And out of a place of waste.

Out of a place of hassle.

David Hasslehoff.


Watch the bays.

Watch the AI craze.

For some is demotic sent to erase.

The human race.

There shall be mandates.

For technological warfare will be the next pill.

For even technology that makes those mentally ill.

That which steals your will.

Balance and priorities.

Even across the seas.

I heard terrorist activities.

A race against police.

The killing of police chiefs.

And rages.

Rages against machines.

The evil all seeing eye.

That which has seeped into the church.

To hurt, haunt and hinder.

Pray for Hairdressers and Barbers.

And content creators.

Prayers against domestic abuse and suicide.

Prayers for funding to be RELEASED

in our sleep


Grants and contracts.

The know how.

The intelligence.

The relevance.

The input the dedication.

The language!

The language!

The language!


This is homebuyer's month.

And I prophesied homes to the multitudes.

The homeless shall be housed.

Those who are living out of temporary means.

You will see me open up streams.

New wells.

New benchmarks.

New standards.

Seeds are coming back to speak the deep is calling out unto the deep.

You shall encounter me.

I prophesy supernatural houses.

Homes that you did not build; yes they shall yield.

They shall manifest.

You will close.

You will acquire it.

Again and again.

You will feel My wind.

Blow you into!

Blow you into!

New places.

New spaces.

New acquisition.

Every hindrance shall cease.

Yes I will give you peace.

Your homes will be released.

New acquisition.

I put you into position.

Divine position.

Divine position.

And I begin to expose systems of entertainment.

You will be arraigned.

You are about to see my hand.

And you shall be durable.


You shall endure.

You were made to endure.

My word is my word. My word is SURE! Says the pure and living God.


• Seeds are coming to speak. It will happen without watering the earth and making it bud and

flourish. It will yield the seed for the sower and wheat for the eater.

• Your seeds (lessons of the Lord) will CHASE you down.

• God said to Dr. Alexis That He is EXPANDING her.

• Whenever someone prophecies to you, they're prophesying to a unit and a nation (also).

• God will use dreams and numbers to speak to you and to use as a guide to what He wants to

do FOR you and THROUGH.

• You have to get in 'the flow'.


• If you're a non-profit, don't limit yourself to where you are. For I will begin to GROW you and

SHOW you (to different cities and places).

• I will establish you and the funding will chase you down. I have placed your name in the wind.

• The Lord said I'm about to REMEMBER you.

• God said, His inheritance is coming BACK to you.

• I am about to redeem EVERYTHING.

• Something that happened to you in 2013 will be redeemed. You shall SEE it.

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