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The Prophetic Word for March: A Month of Optimum and Opulence

Updated: May 3, 2023

Prophetic Words for March 2023: OPTIMUM and OPULENCE OPTIMUM (noun) op·ti·mum ˈäp-tə-məm pluraloptima ˈäp-tə-mə also optimums Synonyms of optimum 1 : the amount or degree of something that is most favorable to some end Ex: The substances were mixed in various proportions until an optimum was reached. especially : the most favorable condition for the growth and reproduction of an organism Ex: The soil condition for this crop is now at an optimum. 2 : greatest degree attained or attainable under implied or specified conditions Ex: This agricultural pest reaches its optimum farther south 2 Peter 3:18- "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen." Definitions for March:

  1. Establish: set up (an organization, system, or set of rules) on a firm or permanent basis (verb); achieve permanent acceptance or recognition for.

  2. Expectancy: the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen or be the case.

  3. Expedited: make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.

  4. Opulence: great wealth or luxuriousness.

Statements for March:

  1. God is setting me ABLAZE so I can help set others ablaze.

  2. He has called me to be a FIRE STARTER.

  3. Come forth MIRACLE.

  4. We DECREE it and we RECEIVE it.

  5. We STATE it and we call it INTO BEING.

  6. So BE IT unto me, God.

The Lord wants you to know: • The Lord wants to set YOU ablaze so you can set OTHERS ablaze. • The dream of the Lord will set you on your path. • He called you to be a FIRE STARTER not dormant. Ask God: Am I doing what YOU want me to do? The Holy Spirit will be your GPS to recalculate and get you back on track to make sure that you're in the right place at the right time. • When you're in the right place at the right time, MIRACLES will start to happen. • There are people that are WAITING on you. • This WEEK, you're about to meet your answer that you have been praying for and has ALREADY been assigned to meet you!! • God's glory is a stamp of approval. It's tangible. PRAYER: Father, start a fire in your people. Start a fire in me. Start a fire in my family. We need the baptism of the FIRE of God. • There will be an establishment of things this month. God is about to ESTABLISH it for you. • Expectancy is ARISING in you tonight. • Some of you have become wax cold but God WANTS to start a fire in you tonight. ANTICIPATE a visitation tonight. •Visitation and revelation from God is coming. PRAYER: Holy Spirit we welcome you into our month. We welcome you into our mind. We welcome you into our money. We welcome you into our momentum. We WELCOME you. • Everything that has been blocking your mind, we call and CANCEL it NOW. • You can't want what's in God's hand WITHOUT worshipping Him for who He IS. • You can't worship the gifts. You HAVE to worship God. You don't worship man, you worship GOD. Idolatry: • God is coming for the idols that have been made of men/women of God. REMEMBER: Thou shall have NO other God BEFORE me. • He's inspecting the fruit of those that say they speak for Him. • If you have idolatry in your heart for someone other than God you must REPENT. • You'll know if this is you because you'll listen to them BEFORE you listen to God. • NO MORE OF THAT! God's Laborers: • He's looking for laborers for His kingdom; In His field and in HIS vineyard. • Whatever you do, you're a labobers for MY Kingdom. • There's a rededication happening tonight.

• We work for God. Miracles: I hear the Lord saying prepare for a miracle. For I place you in the pool of Bethesda. And victory is coming to your battle. You shall overcome this misstep and mishap. You shall overcome this trap. There is a cleansing. There is a cut off date. • Whatever you've been battling, there's a cut off date. • I hear the pieces coming together. NO more satanic agreements or grievances for I cause to get strength to stand up against the wiles of the enemy. For you are advancing into new territory, and there is a new strength that is beckoning now. For I am giving tools (to plow), that you will use; there is a new school. Yes a new understanding and knowledge; a new depth. Likened to college, I am stretching and expanding. I am handing you DESTINY! DESTINY COME FORTH! DESTINIES COME FORTH! I see connected destinies all over the globe. For your riches span all over the globe. I see singers and actors and those with great voice coming forth advancing. I see you recording; opening your mouth and God will fill it. And the cancer in your mind I will heal it. • We curse cancer, cancerous cells at the ROOT. • We cancel cancer in the NAME of Jesus. • I prophesy in the next 10 years we will see cancer eradicated. PRAYER: Lord we thank You that You send Your angelic hosts to be markers to stand guard in hospitals. We call the children to be healed in the name of Jesus. • There's a stirring in the water for miracles. • There's a miracle that will take place in your friendships, relationships and marriage. • We're believing for miracles. There SHALL be a performance. For I am causing the new vine to be watered. I am causing an uprising of my sons and daughters.

I will establish it. I will break you out. This is your breakout year. This is your time to step into a new terrain. For many of you are being called out to be called in. You shall go up again and attempt with a new wind, with a new vigor. • How many times have you been upset that when God called you to go up to win, you did not go up to win then? But we know scripture says on the THIRD time. PRAYER: Father, we thank You that You give us strength to go up again. Not to just go up again but to believe again. • Will you believe AGAIN? It doesn't make sense BUT LORD I TRUST YOU. I don't see it BUT I TRUST YOU. • So be it unto me, God. There shall be a performance. Allow me to figure it out. As I lay out a new route, a new way a new place A new time. Oh yes it’s a new time and you shall even unwind from every demonic place that has a hold. I see you stepping out and breaking the mold. And I hear this for that which is material and that which is service based fast approval and an expedited pace. • You will start seeing the signs, such as 1111, 222, 333, 444. • He will reveal His mysteries unto us. • God uses these signs to speak to you. I see the approval letters and stamps. And I hear gender reveals and surprise pregnancies. I see births and increased babies. Government Contracts: I see government contracts on federal and state levels. I see consortiums connections that will rebel against old systems, and create new. I see schools co-ops. Yes, I am speaking to you. • You're aiming too small. Aim BIGGER. Be CONFIDENT! • Pray that what you need to learn and those that are meant to help you are COMING to you. That you will NOT be looked over or left out. • Contracts are coming to you: cleaning, goods and services, business. • He's putting a seed in your mind right now about contracts (federal and state levels). • The opportunities expand as YOUR MIND EXPANDS. • Your mind is EXPANDING. • There is wealth to be spread among the people (that's how it was done in the Word) .

• I prophesy that you will NOT miss your spread. Begin reading Proverbs. ALLOW it to seep into your mind. Let it prophesy to you. I give you a wind to do it again, for this month to WIN, another ending for even as spring baseball begins to unfold so shall you SPRING FORTH. A catalyst month, I see you starting and writing, no more writers block your creativity has been unlocked. • There shall be a COMPLETION this month for your book. • We're believing for an expedited completion of a GOOD manuscript. Government: As government scandals unravel and rave. Different nations start to crave something different. We declare something different, new countries made out of the old, new stories to be told. Grants and contracts Opportunities arise Do not compromise Your goodness Revivals that shape As earths quake Oh California, Oh Detroit, Oh Wyoming, Oh New York, Oh Nigeria An uprising come in Nigeria And things will begin to settle I hear 2028 But now you are preparing for a great new gate A great movement awakes For my power will quake Pray that my government will be elected I see women in white a purifying a separation, a determination- a revival for the women across the globe I pray for artistry and artist – for a fire to take hold of you and cause you to be bold. • God will teach you how to market yourself and put yourself out there to market what He's placed inside of you. • You will be able to step out and say, THIS IS WHAT I DO (regarding your business). I heard: I pray for Joe Biden. I hear airlift. Mindsets adrift. • Begin to pray for the presidency for the next year.

PRAYER: Father, we pray and thank You for the right person to take the next seat. Middle America and infrastructure and buildings, development and growth. Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Downstate Illinois. God said prophesy growth and development, pray against stagnancy and even into FLORIDA, DETROIT, MEMPHIS and HOUSTON. WE prophesy growth, development and ENTERPRISE. • We pray for a BOOM in business. Mental Adjustment: We prophesy mental adjustment. I see BOOM in mental health. • There's a weight and a wind on you passing tests this month. • It SHALL be established. • I prophesy loopholes as well for that which has held you up there shall be a loophole. Example of God's Prophetic Word in action: Dr. Alexis prophesied to a teacher that she would pass her test (she'd taken it several times already). After Dr. Alexis prayed and prophesied to her, she passed the test. Assistance: Assistance- turned into application Application and supplication • God is about to simplify the application process for you (buying a house, car, buildings, etc). • I see entry; a key opening the door. I hear the Lord say there shall be reparations. • Back pay in the next 5-7 days. Idolatry: I hear the Lord say repent against reckless speech and behaviors, you have become hecklers, traitors of My glory. Traders your idols have become those who you follow, those who you sit under you have made your leaders idols. These leaders have traded their inheritance to be superstars, and you have placed them there.

• God said, you don't have ANY other God besides me. • Put everyone back in the place that they belong. ALL glory goes to God for we are ONLY His vessel. How to know you have made your leader an idol? 1. Their word trumps mine (the Lord) 2. You mention their name more than mine (the Lord). • This is a moment to repent. • When God gives the approval, MOVE (you don't need the approval of your pastor or anyone else). I heard the Lord say: Pray about massive shootings And massive death Pray that we shall be hidden in the cleft of the father PRAYER: Father, We thank You that You go before and catch the shooters before it happens. Cover us Lord from storms, weather and anything that causes massive death. We thank You that we are hidden in Your cleft and that You dispatch Your angels. Thank You for protection.

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