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August 2023 Prophetic Word: Portals of Glory

Definitions for August:

1. Portals: doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one; opening/passage that allows access to another realm.

2. Dimensions: an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing (n); form or shape (something) to particular measurements (v).

3. Ascension: the act of rising to an important position or a higher level (n).

4. Glory: high renown or honor won by notable achievements (n); take great pride or pleasure in (v).

5. Qavah: to wait actively with anticipation, hopefully watching for God to act.

6. Calling: a summons from God to practice particular spiritual gifts; an invitation.

7. Stagnation: the state of not flowing or moving.


Song: We Behold by Abbey Ojomu

'We behold until we are found. We qavah until we have strength.'


● Qavah means to wait; we WAIT until we have strength



Father, we just thank You for the excitement that is in the room. I'm ready to receive what You have for me, Lord. I'm ready to receive what You've been preparing me for. We are READY to receive.



● We're about to experience God in a whole NEW way.

● Even after you receive the word, you have to trust God.

● Words carry WEIGHT past the due date that you give God.

● Two months ago, I heard, 'apply again' (applications will be approved); she was sent an email to apply for funding for her non-profit organization (initially she didn't think she would qualify); she applied and received the funding.

● She is hearing testimonies of reversals of unemployment funds from COVID (previously prophesied).

APPLY AGAIN!) and watch and see what He does)

● God said there will be a WIND upon that WIN.

● Words created worlds.



● I'm opening up a portal. And I'm speaking past your intellect and intelligence. There's about to be an uninhibited flow of My glory and My power.  



Father, tonight we thank You that You're pushing us past our intellect as I begin to speak Holy Spirit flow through me. I pray for angelic assistance. That anyone that tries to steal the word that it will be canceled. We pray that You all cause Your spirit to rest on the people and show them exactly what You have for them. We speak against doubt and that faith is about to be moved tonight.



● A one day trip has turned into a six day trip in Chicago.

● On the day of arrival in Chicago, they are placed in room 555 (it was one of the last rooms).

● That night was an open portal.

● That night she received the instructions for her non-profit through a dream.

● God said the kids were waiting on them (Alexis's nonprofit).

● God gave the word, knowledge and wisdom in how to do it (provide for the kids) in the dream.

● God wants us to access the realms.

● To come up higher in the days that we see Him.

● In Chicago, she was connected to the people she needed from her dream.

● She extended for 2 days and was placed in room 214 at the Drake hotel;  214 means 'to raise a war cry'; treasury or a storehouse (God is opening).

● She noticed a pass key on the bed. It read: this is a pass key that opens many rooms (of their prophetic journey).

● The next day they ended up in a room at the Hyatt, room 5359, looking up in the strong concordance that means Philadelphia; looked up the key of David.

● Revelations 3:7

● She had been praying and raising a war cry.

● Your intercession opens up a whole new realm. A spiritual literacy and the supernatural.

● Next day the hotel was room 221; it means fire of God. The flame of God.

● God opened many portals during the trip to Chicago.



● The Lord wants to open us up to a whole new dimension for ascension.

● God will introduce you to the right people at the right table.

● God needs your obedience and flexibility to GO when He says go and to do what He says to do.

● His words are 'yes' and 'Amen'.

● It's not just happenstance when God tells you to do something.

● God uses EVERYTHING to put us on track.

● We're not righteous because of what we do. We're righteous because of what was done for us over 2000 years ago.


God is about to confirm His word to you this month.


● Zechariah 1:6

● Know what you're putting in the atmosphere and how you're putting it in the atmosphere.

● God says, 'As you pray in love, doors will begin to open up. He gave the master key to us.'

● God is about to give you a Prophetic adventure.

● He's about to bring you out of fake statues and laws that you've placed upon yourself. He wants you to operate in FREEDOM.



● Genesis 28:10-12

● Ezekiel 1:1-3

● Ezekiel 3:12



● God is bringing different tools of intercession. As you sing and minister to Him you will see His glory in a whole NEW way.

● God is inviting you to another level.

● You will not be the same in the next 31 days.


CHICAGO (she heard):

● Learn how to pray in love. It can change your life and your atmosphere.

● Begin to pray blessings on those who curse you. You will begin to feel a shift.


Chicago, I release my delegation. New borders and parameters (3/2/2023 that this message was heard). I release my government and to them I release My boldness to clean up; to wake up, to shake up; A clarion call that enough is enough. I see a school system taking over from corruption. There shall be a Divine interruption. From Michigan to Ashland, I deal with corrosion. I see water pipes being wiped clean. Something's going on with the sewers. Farmers in Schaumburg get bailouts; a new city finds a way out. We pray and prophesy to the tracks. Housing being created. I prophesy new vision and programs for the people by the people. Lakefront, pray against all accidents. I want to demonstrate My power to the people and I want to interrupt their regularly scheduled programs so that I can display my power so that I can display my power, glory and wisdom.


From 7/29:


Chicago and Bargo, a strike is to come.

The greenline; pray for the neighborhood.

Brownsville; the national guard; hospitals, clinics and medical systems.

Pray for all businesses; the real estate bubble; 75th and State.

Pray against hate and assassination attempts.

Michael Fager is guilty.

Art deco; assurity; cyber security; ableism, atheism and ageism.

School board turnovers; the Lord said the pipes, don't forget the pipes and snipes.

● He's going to release people from the judicial system; corrupt politics will ceist. In 4 years this city will be turned around.

● Program opportunities for immigrants.



● You will win the contracts.

● He will give you business acumen.

● Prepare for the race riots because they're coming.

● Get back to grassroots organizations (grants, nonprofits).




This is a divine resuscitation,

You shall be resuscitated in a recession.  


● Be conscious of what you're spending. Don't get what you don't need.


I am the Author and the Finisher.

I need them to write the vision as there is a Divine revision coming. Align with my vision.




A suitable mate, with whom you can relate. Just as Issac wandered and found Rebecca. You shall encounter them.


I open up the gate.  


We are being ushered and escorted into gates to your mate. Of fate and destiny. Gates of glory.


This nation will be rocked. I saw things come to a screeching halt.


● Cold cases and civil cases being solved.



Iceland, Iceland air. New Zealand to beware.


Look at the atlas and begin to pray and the words shall obey.


● Pray for Africa.

● Pray for energy in Africa.



Alkaline for August 1, 2023. Alkaline water.


Political midterm elections; take it on and interceed.


● God said to be ready to pray for the individuals running for office.

● Intercession will usher them/you in.



Ear to the throne. Intercession opens the door for more.


● There's a need to pray for the disconnect between kids.

● Pray for parents; communication skills.

● Be open to how God wants to do it and show up in your life.

● Be READY to receive.

● He wants to show out on your behalf.



● Open your ears.

● Pray for those in real estate to be able to connect with the right people. We prophesy collaboration.

● Create God an altar of prayers.

● Pray for those that are attacked but also assigned.

● Your obedience holds someone else's destiny.

● There is discretion in the blessing.

● He is bringing relief and resources.



● Try God this month. Get in sync with Him. He's speaking to you.

● He's everywhere and He's sending you help.

● We DELETE every distraction.

● See your words as POWER.

● There's a convergence happening.

● We thank You for Your wind sending us where we need to go.

● We come against the spirit of being stagnant.

● Isaiah 27

● I am a 'fruitful vine'.

● Challenge for this month is to create a prayer vision board.


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