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April Prophetic Word: Activation in April

April Prophetic Word: Activation in April

Definitions for April:

● Echo: a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event.

● Demonstrate: clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving

proof or evidence.

● Domain: a specified sphere of activity or knowledge.

● Activate: make (something) active or operative.

● Dominate: have a commanding influence on; exercise control over; be the

most important or conspicuous person or thing in; have a commanding

position over; overlook.

● Clause: a particular and separate article, stipulation, or proviso in a treaty,

bill, or contract.

● Pounce: sudden swoop or spring.

● Regulation: the action or process of regulating or being regulated.

● Regulatory: serving or intended to regulate something.

● Dexterity: skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands.

Statement for April:

1. NOTHING will dominate me. NOTHING will have authority over me.

2. Words create WORLDS.

3. Thoughts create THINGS.

4. Action creates ACQUISITIONS.

He said... You should Echo what I'm saying to you. You'll start to believe it.

I see you being STIRRED. You're about to be pushed into drive. You're

being activated. The Lord is AWAKENING you this month. He's

jumpstarting you this month.

● I prophesy that the Lord is sending someone to activate you.

I heard the Lord say that this would be the month to DEMONSTRATE; to

Demonstrate my POWER in this hour. And you will see, even though they

will try to pass legislation that is ungodly, I'm about to turn the tables

around for my people. I'm about to turn the tables upside down. For there

has been much frustration. Even concerning relationships and relations,

but I'm going to bring in my DEMONSTRATION.

You will see My demonstration in Canada, Africa and China.

● He said... PLAYTIME IS OVER. God is setting the chess table.


I hear the Lord saying, I come to mend the brokenhearted. For there have

been those that have been dealing with depression and much grief. But He

said I will send relief this month.

Not just relief concerning emotional, but financial also. I even see relief for

bills; even concerning rent. The Lord said I'm going to put a dent in the rent

and even the mortgage. For I see a forgiveness that is coming forth.

● Google in your area where/who assists with rental assistance. Begin to

apply for the assistance and BELIEVE that God will come through.

● You have to strike while the iron is hot. FIND OUT WHERE THE MONEY

IS. Be ACTIVE and find out where the assistance is.

● I prophesy a referral. I see your name coming to the front. You will NO

LONGER be passed over.

● EVERY door that has been shut will be OPENED. Usher the people of God

to the front of the line.

Example of God's Prophetic Word in Action:

Dr. Alexis met a couple that reapplied for their VA assistance after hearing her

prophecy (100% disability approval) . They applied one last time and they are

now receiving 100% assistance.

● Continue to keep your faith ACTIVATED. Make sure you're connected to

someone that is prophesying LIFE.


There shall be a time of supplication, prayer, fasting. Even questions that

you've been asking. He said, 'I will be GLAD' to answer.

And He said to continue to pray about cancer. For there shall be a shift

concerning a diagnosis.

He said this month...You shall venture out. Venture to a new domain. Matter

of fact some of you will buy domains.

You shall enter into a new territory.

He's saying... DOMAIN. For even as we step up into spring, you will spring

forth in a NEW domain.

● I cancel the assignment of pain. I cancel pain in the body of the believers. I

prophesy the miraculous.

● The pain in your body is leaving now.

● I hear... move SWIFTLY! Bind the spirit of fear. Get your procedures done.

● We feel a cease and desist in the spirit. You will remain in the place that

God has placed you.

He's saying... you shall dominate. DOMINATE. And you shall calculate the

cost. For there shall be a purchase this month.

He said... it will be seamless, BUT count the cost.


He said to begin to pray about vehicles. Begin to pray that they are

manifested and acquired.

He's saying... Buns away (I see this regarding travel) and I'm seeing travel

and you taking an international trip this year.

Prophetic Action: write down 5 places you want to go internationally this year.

Make a commitment to visit one or all of those places. Connect yourself to these

places (identify someone that lives there); print out the flag. If that place is in your

heart, there's something God wants you to go there for.

● You'll know when it's the season or time to do something because you'll

have the courage to do what God placed in you.

● There's about to be a weight on being obedient. Your obedience will shift

you into the next place that God has for you.

● Stop sitting on what God told you to do because it will activate something

in the spirit realm.

● Be around obedient people.

● The Kingdom works by being obedient; what you release, He releases. It's

God's economy and how it works.


This is ONLY the tip of the iceberg for there will be many things that will

come out.

And it will be like a domino effect. But the Lord says watch and see on both

sides, they will be both sides that will try to hide their hands. And I see the

Lord saying do not get off balance concerning this situation for the earth is

in my hands.

● I hear...the earth is mine.

● The Lord said.... Watch and cover New York.

I hear something concerning the air quality and the green pastures and


I even hear the word, clause. There will be a clause concerning laws.

I hear the word, leak.

There will be a government leak and there will be those that have to seek


I hear Him saying... prepare to POUNCE. You will pounce on the

opportunity. Prepare for the opportunities that are ahead.

● He said... GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. For many have been misled from

what is in their head. But He's giving you a new mindset. Continue to vet

what comes in front you.

I hear the words, regulation and regulatory.

● I prophesy those with PCOS, I'm regulating your cycle. You shall find the


● He said I'm regulating. I'm even regulating your body, mind and mentality. I

am even regulating you.

He said... I AM the regulator.

The fast track. Fast track finances. I even see FASFA (dealing with college


You are royalty and I've prepared you a seat. Prepare to eat as I have

prepared a table before you. I'm preparing a NEW table so you can give

yourself a new LABEL. No longer describe yourself as the old man because

you are a new man.

● Because the scripture says, 'behold I have made all things new.' Stop

thinking about yesterday. Stop replaying things you did last week or year.

● I prophesy your tears will be regulated.

● Let the Regulator be upon you now.

● EVERY allegation is coming down.

● You shall speak up and not fear retaliation.

PRAYER: I (God) shall defend you. They shall not rob what I've freely given.

Bloom/Event Planners:

I hear... Bloom. It's time to bloom. Just as the flowers are blooming, you

too shall bloom.

I see and want to pray for event planners. I see your business(es)

blooming. I even see event planning. I see many opportunities.

● He said... I'm anointing your hands and feet right now. He is opening doors

and giving you access.

I want to pray for people in the clerical/administration field. The Lord said

that You will have an administration mindset like Joseph. Joseph was an

administrator and He said you will be able to do things at once. He said you

will be ambidextrous (using both hands).

He said look for the doors concerning ambidextrous.

I heard the word dexterity. I thank You that every wrong yoke has been

rebuked and broken. Pray against the strong man.

● I pray that You shift out of a place of 'I can't to I CAN'.

● He said I will draw people to your business like a magnet.

● I hear the Lord saying, just do it. Just do what He said.

● You do not have to compete or compare because I (God) am the blueprint.

Prayer: REFRESH MY BUSINESS, Lord. Release Your discipline upon me.

● Psalms 114:45

● Even as the sons of God are led.

● Matthew 11:28-30

● He said... to learn of me. You shall LEARN OF ME.

● Lord help us to be in YOUR flow.

● You have to KNOW that it's coming. You have to learn to wait and not push

God's hand.

He said... You cannot earn this. So we pray against a workspace mentality.

You cannot earn what I've ALREADY given you as a gift. I prophesy, free


He said begin to meet the needs of the homeless. Opportunities will be

opening up for this from the east to the north to the west and all over the

globe for those that are homeless. I see opportunities (contracts) and

legislation being passed down.

Begin to get your tools together because I see Nehemiahs rising. Watch

and see the Father said He will set you ablaze. He will set a great fire on

you concerning the Nehemiahs.

I hear... I trust things righteously so trust and believe. There is judgement

coming where I will judge. I am the one who repays and takes care of these

things (that you're trying to take care of).

Continue to bless and do not curse as I clear everything that has been

trying to hurt you and lock you in. Every mocking spirit, he's about to


He said even the airwaves for the wind will obey me. You're about to walk

into new territories because everything that's trying to tear you down I am

about to annihilate.

He said to begin to pray for the creative people for there is a great creativity

that will be released this month. I hear a creative release this month.

For those are Christian comedies I will give you creativity. Even those that

create art.

He said prophesy to build (referring to the Nehemiahs). He says, I shall

INSPIRE you to build and it will yield MUCH fruit.

I'm about to cause this to be recession proof and let the sales go through

the roof.

I'm going to give you an idea that is recession proof. Begin to decree that

you are a luxury person and you're luxurious. For I am calling people to

bring you into luxury. I'm calling you a higher place because there's a high

place in me. Taste and see that I'm good and I'm immersing you in my


I hear the Lord say to launch the course. And to stay the course because

many of you have been afraid to launch. He said April is the month to

launch the course. He said people WILL register.

I hear... buyouts. There shall be buyouts that compliment you and do you

good. He said you've set the standard and you ARE the standard.

He said... you're charging TOO low (in your business).

● STRATEGY: Look at who does what you do (your competitors), look at the

lowest and highest prices and set your prices in between.

● Stop counting other people's money.

● Stop listening to advice from people that haven't done anything with their

life or have been where you're trying to go..

● DO YOUR RESEARCH and charge what you're worth.

● Launch the course and STAY THE COURSE.

● God created you and He created creativity. You have the ABILITY to get


● He is sending advisors to help you.

The Lord said... You shall not be conned. My children shall not be conned

because I will open up your eyes. I give you CLARITY.

● He said I will give you a mind strategy.

● Proverbs 13:11

● Great wisdom is being poured into you now.

● Rise up. The time is short.

● God said YOU ARE the standard.

● He said, you cannot use the world's marketing for the Kingdom of God.

● God will give you His strategy. You won't have to lie.

● We bind pride. When God calls, RISE UP.

Prayer: every purpose and calling, let them do it. Release the fundamentals,

Oh God.

Pray against comprising.

He calls forth the media back. Anoint them to write plays, movies and



No more delay, press play. God is about to press play and streamline some


I see some friendships... pray for your friendships. He will revive it and

bless it in due time. This is your time of solitude.

● Do NOT allow your mind to tell you that nobody loves you. We pray against

stinking thinking.

Prayer: may the Mary and Elizabeth relationships be activated. It's time to


He said... my portion is SECURE. You shall implement my plan.

I hear December 16.

Pray against attacks on the land (I see bombs on the land); even weather

related. Begin to pray about it all, cover the earth.

● Regulate and cover.

● Regulate my household.

● Pray against the spirit of chaos.

● Whatever prophetic Action the Lord tells you to take, DO IT.

Prayer: Thank You for Divine arrangements. I thank You for bringing two

people together for Your glory. I call forth the Kingdom couples. Release

Your children from the bondage of being unmarried. I call forth those who

are supposed to be married to be married. Come forth those who think the

promise is dead.

What you think was a detour, I stopped the distraction. For there have been

things popping up to take you off course but He's implementing his plan to

land you where you're SUPPOSED to land.

● Activate the Divine arrangements.

● His victory IS coming.

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